Cinderella Poem


What is Cinderella in the modern world like?

Cinderella in Real Life Cinderella might be a story told every night, but the real Cinderella is really quite a sight. She doesn't have an evil stepmom, you know. The real Cinderella actually loves to play in the snow. There aren't tiny mice that will help her collect things. The real Cinderella tackles whatever life brings. There aren't birds that bring her ribbon or lace. The real Cinderella has discovered her own grace. There isn't an evil cat that always seems to be in the way. The real Cinderella snuggles with her cat every day. There aren't sisters that like to bully her all of the time. The real Cinderella has more of a problem finding work full-time. There isn't a magic fairy godmother to help her out. The real Cinderella works hard and never has a pout. There isn't any magic that will help to get her chores done. The real Cinderella always cleans her own room before having fun. There isn't a giant pumpkin that turns into a car. The real Cinderella takes the bus if she needs to ride far. There isn't a pair of glass slippers to put on. The real Cinderella finds shoes using Groupon. There isn't a beautiful dress that will magically get made. The real Cinderella goes down to the thrift shop to make a trade. There isn't a dog who will get turned into a footman. The real Cinderella has a dog who likes to bark at guys named Stan. There won't be a royal ball to attend. The real Cinderella has smoothies to blend. There won't be the chance to dance away the night. The real Cinderella gets up to work before the morning light. There isn't any need to stoop dancing at midnight. The real Cinderella has already fallen asleep by 8pm tonight. There isn't any need to run away. The real Cinderella runs on her treadmill every day anyway. There isn't any waiting around for a Duke to stop on over. The real Cinderella doesn't even believe in a four-leaf clover. There isn't a need to try on a glass slipper that fits like a glove. The real Cinderella watches The Bachelor in order to find love. There isn't any ending to the story that makes people feel good. The real Cinderella just takes a walk around her neighborhood. There isn't a happily ever after – at least not yet. That's something the real Cinderella would love to see, you can bet. Fairy tales are an incredible way to get away into a fantasy world. We can cheer for Cinderella, Snow White, or another favorite girl. They can overcome the odds and become whatever they want to be. In the Fairy Tale world, it's pretty easy, you see. In the real world, dreams still can come true. The real Cinderellas of the world just have work to do. You can be whoever you want to be one day. There just won't be a fairy godmother who pops out to play. The real Cinderella is just as happy as the one in the story. She takes satisfaction in finding perfect moments of glory. Are you ready to discover the real you? Then being a real Cinderella is what you've got to do.
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