Why could Nature Tales change your world?

I love fairy tales. My favorite authors are the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Alexander Afanasyev, and Aesop. When I was young, I loved the nature. I was curious about the cause of rain, storms, and thunder. My mother told me many fairy tales to explain nature, which included meaningful, moral lessons that would follow me throughout life. As I grew older, like many other adults, I worked in a fast-paced world. I also keep busy with a wonderful family including six beautiful children. I find it challenging to find time to connect with my children in a world where my work schedule is very full, and they are constantly distracted by technologies or entertainment. Fortunately, my kids are curious, and love to hear my favorite fairy tales, so we share quiet moments together at bedtime. I believe other children will enjoy the stories I have recreated in this book; youngsters enjoy learning and quickly absorb anything their read or hear. My stories are enjoyable and have a good underlying message. The book was written to be enjoyed by adults as well. It is meant be a tool to help connect a family together even though this is a fast-paced and ever changing world. The book is aimed at helping children discover kindness, respect, responsibility, and forgiveness. Also, and most important, the Nature Tales is meant to provide a message to encourage them to accept and love themselves.

What will the Book Look like?

Nature Tales is about 22,300 words long and is a collection of eighteen short fairy tales and fables that relate to a nature. The stories also contain deep and meaningful moral lessons. The tales come from around the world, and have been passed down from generation to generation. The tales in the book are as follows: The Rose, The Raven, The Lotus, The Poppy, The Grim Reaper, The Sun and Moon Sisters, The Fire Tale, The Toad, The Rainbow, The Gecko, The Orchid, The Magnolia, The Rice Seed, Where is the Spring? The Monkey, The Thunder Lighting, The Crocodile, The White Daisy. It was my goal to write a book to pass down to generations. So, for this project, we’re taking extra care to make the book a work of art that includes stories about nature and moral lessons. To that end, every book has a hardcover with a beautiful watercolor cover image. We’re offering two designs for the book; both will have an exclusive Kickstarter Gold Seal. The first has a very nice cover and Gold Seal, and the second, a higher quality cloth, dust jacket cover. Check out one of the Nature tale below .

Are These Illustrations?

Oh yes. We are profoundly pleased to say that these will be 18 gorgeous watercolor drawings from a group of artists in Viet Nam. They are all beautiful. Check out the Book Gallery.

What Is The Age Group For The Book?

The book recommended for children 6-12 years old. They may wish to read by themselves or have a parent read with them. Nature Tales is also perfect for adult to read as it contains inspirational and moral lessons that sometimes are forgotten.